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In 2000, Dave "Eli" MacEachern, Olympic Gold Medalist & Olympic Hall of Famer, set out to revolutionize athlete training & power conditioning in Atlantic Canada.  He started training Brad Richards as his first Eli Sport client - now a 2 time Stanley Cup winner.  He formed Dynamic Fitness Inc. and began training more elite athletes: Adam McQuaid, Nathan McIver, Brandon Gormley, Ross Johnston, Ryan MacKinnon, Carson MacKinnon, Morgan Ellis, & Jared Connaughton. Now, 15 years later, Eli Sport is the #1 Power & Speed athlete training program in Atlantic Canada.

“All of the aspects of Dave’s training just put him in a different league. Especially adding in other classes, you get the full effects of what Infrared has to offer. With Dave’s approach, everything has a purpose. You’re never doing something just to look busy, or to take up time. Every move is designed to get you to your goal. His experience and knowledge makes him the best.”

Ryan MacKinnon, New York Islanders Assoc.


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