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In 2000, Olympic Gold Medalist Dave MacEachern set out to revolutionize athlete strength and power training in Atlantic Canada.  He began training client number one: then-18-year-old and future NHLer Brad Richards in 2000. Over two decades and hundreds of athletes later, the Eli Sport brand has evolved into a premier training program in Atlantic Canada. 

“All of the aspects of Dave’s training just put him in a different league. Especially adding in other classes such as yoga, you get the full effects of what Infrared has to offer. With Dave’s approach, everything has a purpose. You’re never doing something just to look busy, or to take up time. Every move is designed to get you to your goal. His experience and knowledge makes him the best.”

Ryan MacKinnon, New York Islanders Assoc.


Time to Take Things to the Next Level.

Contact Eli to get started:

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