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Hot & cold treatment

Recovery done right.

Cold Plunge

Experience the vast mental and physical benefits of cold water exposure. Our commercial-grade Coldture cold plunge unit combines chilling, disinfection and filtration systems to ensure a sanitary and rejuvinating cold tub experience.

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Steam Room

For athletes, yogis, and weekend warriors, the steam room is the perfect place to relax and detoxify. Open your pores and allow the pentrating heat to cleanse your body.

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treatment deals

hot/ cold guided sesion

1-2 people | 45 minutes | $150

Gain familiarity with the style of therapy and safely maximize your hot/cold experience under the guidance of an experienced Infrared instructor. 

hot & cold 6-pack

1 person | 30 minutes | $210

Contrast between the cleasning steam & the Coldture cold tub for six 30-minute sessions.

hot/ cold group session

1-4 people | 45 minutes | $120


platinum membership

Priority booking | $350/ month 

Enjoy the complete Infrared experience, which includes: 

  • Preferered hot/ cold access.

  • Unlimited hot classes.

  • Unlimited gym classes.

  • Unlimited Open Gym access.

  • Mat, towel, locker service. 

hot/ cold

Drop-in | $45

cold plunge

Drop-in | $30


Drop-in | $30

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