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Eli Sport Athlete Training

Est. 2000

Eli Sport training programs empowers athletes through fundamental pillars of speed and strength, implemented through functional movement patterns. Eli Sport works with athletes from a range of sports, athletic backgrounds, and experience.

a comprehensive "Power Speed" training regime, which includes 3-5 gym sessions, 2 speed and agility sessions per week, in addition to restorative mobility sessions in our Infrared hot studio. Athletes receive attentive training in small groups, with all workouts monitored on a mobile app which includes daily entries and and benchmark fitness testing at various points of the program. ​ 

For more information on the program for you, click the link below to email us and get started...

Power Speed

Program Pillars


At Eli Sport, we understand that power and strength are critical to athletic success and that's why we offer specialized Power Strength Training sessions. Our experienced coaches work with you to help you achieve your fitness goals and become the athlete you've always wanted to be.


Speed is critical in the modern sporting age, from hockey to football to soccer. Eli Sport begins with sprinting fundamentals, then assembles the pieces to make athletes fast. Become a quicker, more agile, and more explosive athlete.



Conditioning is a crucial component of any athlete's training. Our program is designed to ensure that athletes are in top shape and ready to perform at their best.  Join us and experience the difference that our conditioning program can make for your performance.

Our mobility sessions are a game-changer for athletes looking to stay healthy and improve their performance. From flexibility and mobility to injury prevention, our guided sessions in our infrared hot room are the perfect way to take your fitness to the next level. Join us today and experience what it feels like to move without limitations.


summer programs

Beginning June 3rd, 2024.
Programs are 12 weeks in length.
Flexible training times available.



5 days per week program for junior hockey and varsity athletes.
Over 70 gym, track, and mobility sessions, in addition to u
nlimited Gym & Infrared class Access.



5 days per week program for U-18 & U-15 groups.

 Program includes 2 track & 3 gym workouts per week. 




3 times per week program for the busy athlete. Jump into a group or complete program during open gym hours. Includes Infrared classes.
Includes unlimited Infrared classes.


Speed for Sport teaches the building blocks to train like the pros. Improve speed and strength in a fun & safe environment! 2 track sessions and 2 gym sessions per week.


Helping athletes reach new heights.

"Eli Sport training improved my speed, strength, and endurance, and really prepared me for the jump to the QMJHL. Thank you Eli [Sport Training] for making me a faster and stronger player."

Matthew Maclean
Saint John Sea Dogs


"Thanks Eli, for making me a better athlete!"

Adam Mcquaid
Eli Sport Athlete 2004-2017

 "The mix of speed and strength training that the program provides has really transformed me into being a more complete athlete."

Sam Bowness
Charlottetown Islanders

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