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"I joined Infrared Fitness last February after I received a gift of some yoga classes from a friend. It turned out to be the best gift ever...

My fitness level at the time was at an all-time low,  as a  busy mother of five children I had put my health and exercise low on my list of priorities. 

Initially, I took it gently with yoga and found myself enjoying its physical and emotional benefits, especially the one hour of 'me' time. As time progressed I found myself getting fitter and became interested in the hot athletica classes. These classes although an adjustment at first -getting used to a hot environment whilst doing an aerobic form of exercise, are now my forte. 

The instructors are amazing, the class environment adds to the atmosphere and the music is a great tempo which always motivates me. I find I don't have any injuries or joint pain when I do these classes due to the infrared heat effects. 

This time last year I was in a different place with low energy levels. Now I am stronger, have higher endurance levels and my shape has changed with inches off my waist. I look forward to my classes!

Thank you  to the wonderful team at Infrared  for their motivation and excellent instruction!"

- Mary Hayden, Training & Studio Member

"I really like going to Infrared because of the great teachers, and the friendly familiar faces you see every time you walk in the door. To recover after both a knee and ankle surgery I looked to Infrared because of the range of classes and intensities that are offered."

- Tessa Casey, Studio Member

"I started Power Speed in August 2017 and I see a big improvement in my strength and speed on and off the ice!! I feel Dave and Rob a very supportive of me achieving my goals. I like working out with the other guys, they make me work and push myself even harder! This class has taught me the basics of exercise and I look forward to achieving more goals with the help of Infrared!"

- Matt McQuaid, Eli Sport Athlete

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