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In 2000, Dave "Eli" MacEachern and his wife Triona Harrop moved back to Eli's hometown of Charlottetown, PEI. Dave was coming off a decorated career as a member of the Canadian Bobsled Team, competing in three Olympics and several World Cups. After capturing the ultimate prize--Olympic Gold in Nagano, Japan in 1998--MacEachern set his sights on revolutionizing athletic training in Atlantic Canada. Beginning with a few local junior athletes, Eli began to build a following as his reputation spoke for itself. Numerous success stories sprouted from the early training days: Stanley Cup Champions, Olympic sprinters, and dozens of driven athletes striving to reach the next level.

Dynamic Fitness was formed shortly thereafter, fusing Eli's training expertise with Triona's extensive experience as a world-class dancer, pilates instructor, and yoga instructor. In 2008, the family business unveiled Prince Edward Island's first hot yoga studio. During the same period, the business added group classes such as Hot Athletica (our signature HIIT experience), yoga, pilates, spin, and Eli Sport Adult training. As the company continued to evolve, Dynamic Fitness partnered with Lululumon, becoming one of the first boutique retail & and fitness facilities in the province to offer clients such a diverse range of products and services.

In 2015, the company was rebranded to Infrared Fitness to reflect its unique, state-of-the-art hot studio, boasting an Infrared heating system. Infrared Heat boasts a range of benefits and heats the body in a more comfortable, relaxing manner than a conventional sauna hot studio. For more information on the extensive benefits of  Infrared heat, click here.

 Over two decades later, Dave and Triona continue to own and operate Infrared Fitness, empowered by an outstanding group of instructors and staff and supported by incredible clients. Infrared Fitness has become a vibrant community for healthy bodies and healthy minds. Come try out a class today and see what fuels your fire.

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