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Eli Sport Athletica

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Strengthen & Tone

Strengthen and tone your muscles for a fitter, healthier you. Functional movement is at the core of Athletica training classes.

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Burn Calories

High reps, low rest! This 45-minute class is high-paced, and incorporates a variety of strength and cardio exercises which elevate the heart rate and boost metabolism throughout the day. Don't worry, you can take a break if you need to!

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Experienced Instructors

Our experienced and qualified instructors bring motivation and energy, while coaching proper form and technique, so you can get an epic workout in without risking your safety.  

Train Like an Athlete.

Whether you were an athlete or a mathlete, Eli Sport Athletica classes make HIIT training approachable and fun for people of all fitness levels.

Created by our founder, Olympic gold medalist  and renowned strength & conditioning coach, Dave "Eli" MacEachern. Learn more at the link below:

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