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In 2000, Dave "Eli" MacEachern, Olympic Gold Medalist & Olympic Hall of Famer, set out to revolutionize athlete training & power conditioning in Atlantic Canada.  He started training Brad Richards as his first Eli Sport client - now a 2 time Stanley Cup winner.  He formed Dynamic Fitness Inc. and began training more elite athletes: Adam McQuaid, Nathan McIver, Brandon Gormley, Ross Johnston, Ryan MacKinnon, Carson MacKinnon, Morgan Ellis, & Jared Connaughton. Now, 15 years later, Eli Sport is the #1 Power & Speed athlete training program in Atlantic Canada.

In 2001, Dave's wife, Triona Harrop, started PEI's first Pilates centre within Dynamic Fitness. Today, there are both Beginner & Advanced Pilates classes available (mat & reformer) in small group & private training sessions.

In 2005, Dynamic Fitness became home to PEI's only premium fitness boutique featuring lululemon athletica, Onzie, Karma, & Oakley yoga & fitness apparel & accessories. At this time, the ESA Training program was launched.  This made the Eli Sport-style of training available to everyone!  ESA Training is a high-performance functional training program for adults that combines high-intensity interval training with strength & speed endurance and core stabilizing exercises.

In 2009, Dave opened Atlantic Canada's 1st Hot Yoga Studio in Dynamic Fitness.  It was not long before the Dynamic imprint expanded to New Brunswick.  Dave opened the Moncton's 1st Hot Yoga Studio in 2010 and Fredericton's 1st Hot Yoga Studio in 2012.

Dynamic Fitness' signature service, Hot Athletica was created in 2012.  Exclusive to Dynamic Fitness, this innovative class is practiced in a room heated to 95 degrees and combines high-intensity cardio interval training with strength & endurance training, core stabilizing exercises, and yoga for a total body workout in 45 minutes!


In 2015, Dynamic Fitness introduced Charlottetown to the medical-grade infrared Hot Yoga Studio, the second of it's kind in North America - the first one being our studio in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Now, under the name of Infrared Fitness we have become synonymous with health, fitness, and high-performance athlete training.  Join the amazing Infrared Fitness community today - we can, and will, help you achieve your health, fitness, and lifestyle goals!

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